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How Boity’s reality show that kept the nation entertained during trying times

Boity Thulo Own Your Throne

While many can attest that rapper and media personality Boity came through with the “content they deserve”, others were left with chest pains from the events that took place on her reality show, Boity: Own Your Throne.

Declared a hit after just one episode of its premiere in February, viewers got a glimpse of Boity’s fabulous lavish lifestyle making them grow to love their fave more.

With cast members being her mother Modiehi Thulo and BFF Bob Sithole, popularly known as Bobby Blanco, the new season of BoityOwn Your Throne was one many will talk about for months.

In an interview with Sunday Times, the rapper said the show would give an authentic view of who she is, how she gets her deals and her relationship with her mother, who she joked frequently borrows her clothes.

“The reality show was to give my followers, my fans and supporters an honest, authentic context of who I am. I think I’m as honest and real as I can be on the show.”

Although she said no to the idea of having a reality show at first, after some serious convincing from Viacom and Red Pepper, Boity’s show left Mzansi glued to their screens week after week.

Here are some of the highlights from Boity’s reality show:

Spiritual journey:

Having nothing out of bounds on the show, Boity let fans into her spiritual journey as a traditional healer where they see her perform her spiritual rituals while connecting with her ancestors for guidance.

“If there was ever going to be anything that I would keep to myself, it would probably be my spiritual journey. I felt like if I am able to share that, then there is no reason not to share everything else,” she told Metro FM’s Morning Flava.

BFF Bobby rubs fans up the wrong way:

Fans couldn’t decide whether they loved or hated Bobby, whose dramatic nature is becoming too much for most of the TV presenter-turned-rapper’s stans.

From the beginning of the show, fans had issues comprehending Bobby’s role in Boity’s life. He confused them even more after they watched him fail to follow simple instructions such as booking the rapper’s flight on time, making her late for the EMA’s red carpet.

Not only did Bobby rub fans up the wrong way, he and Boity fell out throughout the show as he seemed to have other intentions when it came to featuring on the reality show.

Boity’s mom, a hit with fans:

Fans couldn’t get enough of Boity’s mom Modiehi Thulo, with many getting to see how close they were. They live together and although they have that mother-and-daughter love, they still fought like sisters because Modiehi has a thing for Boity’s clothes.

Fans loved how much of a cool mom Modiehi was as she was full of jokes yet very protective and supportive of her daughter.

Boity’s puppies steal the show with her cuteness:

Being a proud owner of two dogs after introducing her new addition in November on social media, Boity’s pups showed fans that they were living the life most people wished they had. From slaying cute little Louis Vuitton pup bags to being spoilt rotten, many stanned slayage that the puppies delivered on the show.

Boity and Maps spark dating rumours:

While many stans were asking themselves why their fave was still single, some couldn’t help but suggest that Maps and Boity were dating.

Although she set the record straight by saying there were no vibes, and she and Maps were just “homies”, fans couldn’t help but notice their lingering hugs and touching.

Viewers watched the rapper pay Maps a visit at his restaurant and she said she was just grateful to be able to support her “friend” after he opened a new burger joint called Buns Out.

Setting the record straight on the show, Boity said the pair were close and comfortable with each other. “We are not cosy. We are friends. We are comfortable …”

The rapper even went as far as joking that she wanted to be by his side as his best woman when Maps gets married, but the media personality responded by saying she would be right next to him, alluding she might be the bride.

“He is single, I am assuming. I am single. Why don’t we just get married? We would look cute together. Our kids would be really pretty. We would be a power couple. No, I am joking,” Boity quipped.

Many hope that they get to see Maps on season two of  Boity: Own Your Throne.