‘Hip-hop did that’ — Nadia Nakai buys a new house and it’s stunning!

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Rapper Nadia Nakai is celebrating a big milestone in her life she says was made possible by hip-hop.

She revealed she finally bought herself a house in an affluent suburb.

The 32-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon to flaunt her double-storey.“Praise God. I finally bought a house! Hip-hop did that. Thank you,” she wrote.

The Young, Famous and African star has been all about positive vibes and Twitter cleanse.

She took to her Instagram stories, announcing she had deleted the Twitter app because she felt it was a toxic space.

This after the rapper took a break from the application in February.

“It’s very toxic! It’s always been bad, but like it’s got worse! All you see on Twitter is people hating on each other, talking sh*t about each other! Bringing people down, and these blogs actually take things from Twitter and write stories about it.

“Twitter is a credible source now? Clickbait is a hella drug. I can’t do it. Nothing is celebrated there.

“There’s zero common sense there. I enjoy being happy. That place is just sh*t,” she said.

Celebs have been celebrating purchasing homes and Khanya Mkangisa has also bought herself a home.

The strides she has made have afforded her a luxurious life. The actress, who bought her first home in Bryanston at the age of 25, recently acquired her second property in the same area.

Khanya bought a three-bedroom duplex, which includes a patio area, en suite facilities in all bedrooms, and a garden suitable for her Pomeranian dog Barbie Bella.

“After living in my first apartment I started acquiring more things and needed a bigger space. It definitely feels homier than an apartment. I think I’m going to live in this house until I get married.”

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