HH Forgives All Police Officers Who Arrested Him For Treason Charges

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In this video below, Hichilema was searched and had his shoes taken off, at Lilayi Police. He was then led into a windowless dark tiny cell which was smeared with human feaces where he was kept in confinement for three days and nights.

This video has never been widely shared on Facebook. It was taken by a police officer. President HH was arrested from his house after been teargassed. They took him by force to a police station and charge had already been prepared by the PF leader (ECL) or a cadre.

When he was handed over to the police women on duty for them to enter his details, a male police officer told the female officer that he was to be charged with treason for failing to give way to President Edgar Lungu. The women police officers screamed in disbelief. They demanded that he be charged with a different offence. One police officer (in blue top) started sobbing at the state Hichilema appeared. He had been bruised and teargassed. He was wounded. Been a Bally, he comforted the woman police officer.237000796_3010227812590497_2207473298562499579_n


Hichilema was later forcefully put in a room full of faeces where he stayed for three days before been moved to another remand prison where he spent time in a cold small and dark room.

Zambia, it’s time to recognise the bravely of these women police officers. They should never be forgotten.

For more details of Hichilema’s illegal detention, please buy the prison diaries by Frederick Misebezi. You are also free to write a book on Hichilema’s journey to plot one.

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