Heavy K Has Changed His Stage Name

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Mr Drum Boss aka Heavy-K, has announced recently on social media that he is changing his stage name.

Mzansi has had a few ZAlebs change their names after being established artists in the entertainment industry. Although they carry a new name, the one used when entering the ZAleb world stays with them for the duration of their career. For some it goes beyond.

DJ Euphonik also took the decision to change his name to Themba. There are many reasons for this change and for Euphonik he did it so it could fit the international ‘sound’. Despite the name change, Euphonik is still widely used here in Mzansi.

The house DJ and producer has stapled his name as one of the best in the game and has a plethora of hits under his ‘Heavy K’ identification. It will take fans some time to get used to the new name as the DJ is already a household name.

With no explanation or reasons given for his sudden name change, he took to Twitter and simply tweeted “I’m changing HEAVY-K to KHUSTA, thank you.”

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