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Happy birthday to Mrs Mutinta Hichilema


Mrs Mutinta Hichilema is a proof that running for the presidency is not only a husband’s race but a couple’s race.

She has given up control over their private life such that their home is now called a community house.

Mrs Hichilema has not only been on board, but has been providing support to her husband’s presidential aspiration.

She has been one of the main vaults of the positive energy making her husband ready to face life threatening political challenges and tackle them head-on.

Her husband has been unjustly arrested more than sixteen times.

In all these difficult times, she has ensured firmness and constancy in supporting her husband, in pursuit of the common good.

She is a woman with a strong character able to stand with her husband during grim times.

Mrs Hichilema gives a picture of what Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

She is undeniably a good thing to her husband; a pillar of strength able to conquer fear, even fear of her husband’s death by facing trials and persecutions together.

She is a good thing able to put her own life at risk in support of her husband and just cause.

Her support has helped her husband to mature into a symbol of hope, strength and leadership to many citizens.

Mrs Hichilema’s ability to choose what is right even when everything inside of her husband’s supporters and outside of them is telling them to run away in fear of persecution from the sitting repressive regime, is more than inspiring.

We will never forget how on 10th April, 2017 her husband was brutally arrested and charged with treason, and spent 127 days in prison.

Even then, Mrs Hichilema demonstrated the steadiness of her will to support her husband.

She maintained balance in the face of her husband’s extreme danger and suffering. She never gave in to the passion of fear to abandon her husband.

We are indeed indebted to Mrs Hichilema’s ability to stand firm with her husband in the face of suffering when she has nothing to gain from politics.

Her support to her husband makes hope for and faith in a better country revived in many citizens.

We do not know what allows her to overcome fear and remain steady in supporting her husband, but at least we can see with our eyes that they are best friends with her husband and share values.

Mrs Hichilema makes many citizens believe that the best marriage is the one where a couple is each other’s best friend and share values, hence able to support each other.

Therefore, there is no doubt that between Mrs Hichilema and her husband exists love that is deep, strong and genuine to support each other in good and bad times.

She is a living testimony that when a couple allows a healthy friendship and values to develop between them, they make a big difference in their love and support for each other.

God bless you Mrs Hichilema for supporting your husband and our leader; the embodiment of hope for a better country.