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Hakainde Hichilema’s 5 times electoral losses seem to have made him delusional into always placing the blame elsewhere for his losses. HH has already started speculating on how the 2021 Elections will be rigged by the ECZ in favour of President Lungu. Regardless of not providing substantial proof that such a plan is underway by his opponents, he is ending up sounding a little childish even to those who were considering him as an option.

Bowman Lusambo echoed similar sentiments in an article he wrote:

Hakainde Hichilema’s latest attacks on the Electoral Commission of Zambia and its Chairperson Justice Essau Chulu is another misdirected attempt at making himself politically relevant. His allegations that the ECZ wants to rig an election which is two years away can only come from a man who is a desperate loose cannon sensing a 6th successive defeat.

To begin with, Hakainde’s allegations lack basis because every Zambian knows that the same ECZ that Hakainde is attacking today has conducted very successful elections throughout our country’s history. It was the same ECZ that managed a tense election in 1991 that saw MMD defeat a more robust UNIP. It was the same ECZ that managed the hotly contested 2011 election that saw the PF defeat a well oiled MMD machinery which was at its peak.

The same ECZ that Hakainde chooses to vilify today has managed countless by-elections which have seen the UPND emerge victoriously. Not too long ago, the same ECZ Hakainde is maligning today managed the Sesheke and Katuba by-elections and the UPND won those elections and because his party won, Hakainde never accused the ECZ of working with the PF.

All right thinking Zambians should therefore simply dismiss Hakainde’s rantings as mere lamentations of a privatization criminal who lacks the basic understanding of politics.

Hakainde is that player who enters the pitch knowing that he has already lost the match. To save face, he starts blaming the Referee. Let it be known that the ECZ is an independent institution which is key for the growth of our young democracy.

As a leader of a political party, Hakainde should be working towards making recommendations on how we can strengthen our democratic institutions and not assaulting their integrity and characters of the men and women who have agreed to serve the nation in these institutions.

It should be noted that within Bill 10, the very Bill that Hakainde wants to kill off, there are a number of progressive clauses that seeks to strengthen the ECZ and enhance its autonomy in elections management. If Hakainde was not a selfish politician that he is, he would have supported Bill 10 and thereby help enhance its operations.

To the UPND, if you do not want a life in perpetual opposition, you should seriously consider changing your leader. Hakainde has again confirmed that he is incapable of delivering when it matters the most. Instead of blaming the Referee, maybe it is time to change the player.

In closing, let me warm Hakainde that the chaos that he is fanning will not be tolerated. Zambians are peace loving people who cherish the tranquility that the country has been renowned for.

Any attempts by Hakainde and his cult members to disrupt this peace will be dealt with severely. As Lusaka Province Minister, I send a strong warning to Hakainde to behave himself, grow up and allow democracy to speak. It’s Zambians who choose their leaders and not the ECZ and since 2015, Zambians have been choosing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because they are not ready to vote for leaders who are childish, who can mortgage the country to the highest bidder and who will introduce same sex relationship and cult politics.

There is clearly no any other alternative to President Lungu’s leadership and this is why Zambians will again vote for him and the PF in 2021.

source: Zambian Observer

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