Gunna Safety Brutally Bodyslams Guy While Jewellery Buying groceries, Video Went Viral

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Yesterday, fanatics of Gunna had been surprised after a video circulated appearing his bodyguard slamming a man into the bottom at a Mr. Alex jewellery retailer.

It’s no longer transparent why the safety needed to put his paws at the guy in query, however a video of all the incident has long past viral on-line appearing the person indisputably struggling physically accidents after being frame slammed into the wooden flooring of the jewellery retailer.

According to experiences, the viral video of the altercation happened inside of a jewellery retailer the place Gunna is observed. A stocky guy wearing all black, possibly, Gunna’s safety, is observed unexpectedly lifting the person WWE taste and slamming him into the wood floors. The clip ends sooner than the person can rise up or transfer.

In the video, Gunna, who seems to be dressed in a blue and orange striped outfit, can also be observed making an attempt to snatch the person sooner than safety lays him out at the flooring. After slamming the person down, the have an effect on was once so arduous, the person’s footwear flew off of his toes.

While it’s unclear what began the entire thing, Gunna has addressed the incident in a brand new video.

“Thou shalt not steal,” the rapper says in his funny-looking pinstriped orange and blue outfit. The individual recording the video stated, “Damn Gunna wasn’t playing at LEX spot, caught that sh*t.”

Gunna shared a number of posts on IG of himself doing a large number of buying groceries all through this vacation season, whilst hitting up a large number of prime finish retail outlets like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and extra. While buying groceries in LV on December twenty third, he won a Louis Vuitton bag as a present for which some fanatics roasted him. The Atlanta rapper additionally spurged on a Bored Ape NFT costing $305,000 a couple of days sooner than Christmas.

Similarly, some fanatics are chiding him for the outfit on this newest video.

Mr. Alex Jewellery has no longer commented at the incident.


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