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Gospel Musician Blesses S.e.x Workers

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Seasoned South African gospel singer Betusile Mcinga recently came to the aid of s.e.x workers during the national lockdown after sourcing funds to provide relief. The award-winning musician, who turned 35 last Sunday, used his birthday and encouraged friends and family to help households worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak, which has seen most businesses suffering closure.

The singer managed to get groceries for 20 poor families across the country and shared the photographs. Among the beneficiaries were some s.e.x workers who are worst affected by the outbreak. For most s.e.x workers, business has plunged. This is mainly because of the nature of their business which requires physical contact. The once-booming industry has suffered a downturn as customers are avoiding contact with the ladies of the night in respect of the lockdown regulations.

Nonkoliseko Mabaso,37, a self-confessed s.e.x worker who has been practising s.e.x worker for over five years told South African publication, DailySun, that aid came at the perfect time since she was now running out of supplies.

‘My clients are locked down with their partners and wives. Life is tough as selling my body is my only source of income. The food parcels came when I was scratching my head, not knowing where the next meal for my family would be coming from.’

Betusile said he was touched to hear that s.e.x workers like Nonkoliseko were helped.

‘There is a verse in the Bible that talks about a woman caught in an adulterous act. Jesus didn’t judge that woman. Instead, he said ‘let he who is not a sinner cast the first stone’. Some of the stories of these people are heartbreaking,’ he said.