Gone too soon, Zim’s Playboy Ginimbi last moments [Pics + Video]

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Popularly known for the flamboyant lifestyle, Ginimbi aka Genius Kadungure, was arguable one of the most successful young millionares in Zimbabwe. He made headlines with his all white parties which attracted celebrities from across the region.


Ginimbi's death, Ginimbi's last moments

He has also been rumoured to have gone out with the gorgeous Pokello Nare, or was it just a friendship we cant confirm. Ginimbi’s wasn’t loved across the board, he was in constant competition and exchange of words with another prominent preacher called Prophet Passion Java a.k.a Twaabam. The two’s beef would be about competing to get the best cars best lifestyle and so on.Ginimbi, Ginimbi Twerking Competition

Ginimbi Seemed to have won that beef when he silenced the outspoken Twaabam when he bought his new Lamborghini. Ginimbi was never a stranger to controversy, he was also well know for his twerking competition, where he would rewards large sums of money to the the best twerkers on his IG live.

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Genious Kadungure’s death came as a surprise to many and he died in his purple rolls Royce. We do not know how exactly the accident took place as information is still coming in, but pictures from the scene have been shared. As the story goes he had gone out to the popular socialite Mimie Moana’s Birthday at Dreams night club and the accident must have happened early hours this morning on his way from the party. Here is the video of what transpired.


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