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Gomora fans painfully admit that Zodwa ain’t good for Teddy

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After watching Wednesday’s night episode of Gomora, fans of the series have had to unwillingly admit that it was never the alcohol that made Zodwa a bad mother, and they were heartbroken to find out just how toxic she is.

Zodwa, whose character is played by veteran actress Sana Mchunu, has been slowly revealing her true colours since she returned from rehab.

Realising how problematic she was, Zodwa was sent to rehab by Teddy’s principal after her behaviour started affecting Teddy’s school work.

Fans initially thought Gladys (the principal’s wife) was obsessed with Teddy and they thought she was just being terrible to Zodwa because she looked down on her.

However, since she’s been back from rehab she’s only revealed that she’s a mean, unstable and abusive person and now Gomora fans can’t help but worry for Teddy’s future.

Since she’s been back, even fans had to admit that her presence wasn’t good for Teddy. Not only is she emotionally manipulative, but she doesn’t care for Teddy’s school work and fans can no longer blame the alcohol.

Check out their reactions below.