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Ginimbi defends the Ginimbi Twerking Competition

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Ginimbi Also Known As Genius Kadungure has never been shy from controversy. He speaks his mind though it oftentimes ruffles some feathers, then I guess you don’t work so hard to be silenced and put in a box. You have the Ginimbi kind of money you can definitely afford to ruffle feathers.

Ginimbi’s “Ginimbi Twerking Competition” has attracted a lot of competition and controversy. This is a competition which is hosted on Instagram live where sizzling hot slay queens take turns to show viewers how they can shake what their mamas gave them.

This competition is quite lucrative to the winners. This has seen dance queen Beverly Sibanda beg to be a part of the competition.

The largest amount to have been won in these competitions was last week’s R40 000 rand won by a South African dancer calling herself Medusa.

Zim celebrities like Olinder Chapel have criticized Ginimbi‘s Twerking Competition with the notion that the money he is spending on twerking competitions would have done well to Aid in the fight against Coronavirus. Well Ginimbi had this to say to the critcism: