Ginimbi announces 2nd winner for Ginimbi Twerking Competition

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Ginimbi Twerking Competition

Controversial businessman and playboy Genious Kadungure on Saturday hosted another one of his twerking competitions on Instagram GTV, which are his Ginimbi’s two Instagram accounts, @ginimbi, and @therealginimbi.

The last one was won by an American dancer, known by her social media name Juujitsu, who walked away as the winner after reportedly putting on quite the show for Ginimbi and his followers. She was awarded a whopping USD$1000 for the mouth-watering performance.

The winner last night was from South Africa @discovering_medusa, she won a whopping R40 000 for a few minutes’ performances. The performance must have been spectacular.

Ginimbi shared the winner with a picture of proof of payment. How big do you think this competition will go? Considering it has participants all the way from Africa to the U.S. This should be good we are definitely staying tuned.

@discovering_medusa acknowledged receipt of her prize, am sure shopping spree plans in order after the lock down.babe raGinimbi

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