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Gigi Lamayne – “I’ve changed a lot”


Gigi Lamayne embraces the fact that she’s changed a lot and she’s decided to answer troubling questions in the mind of fans.

In a recent post shared on Instagram, the rapper said she’s not doing anything extra than to be her real self.

“I’ve changed a lot. I know you’re asking questions but I’ll tell you this. I’m not trying to be anything but my real self. I’ve waited a long time for this moment, this feeling ; and in doing so, I wish I could tell my younger self, “o lenyora saan !”. Trying to navigate between peoples expectations and what I want has been hard because no ! I’m not who you compare me to. I’m an academic who poses in Lingerie, takes flights to Jamaica and raps like my life depends on it,” she said.

Few weeks ago, it was reported that she’s part of the Temptation Island SA reality show. Reacting to the report, Gigi said:

“Did I mention I do reality TV in my spare time ? I am number 1! The first of my kind ! So with all the strides I’m making, come through! There’s lots of space on this flight. @refiloer once told me to run a marathon and not a race. I’m still running baby…. And I’m not going anywhere!”