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Getting acquainted with Zambezi Magic Mpali’s “Tionenji” Zowa Ngwira

Zowa Ngwira, Tionenji, Mpali

Young, beautiful and gifted, it was a matter of time till Zowa Ngwira reached our radar. One thing for sure is this Zed Celeb is going places, so today lets get better acquainted with the gorgeous Zowa Ngwira.

Zowa Ngwira is a multi-passionate, talented actress and cultural performer. She plays the role of TIONENJI in a television drama series called MPALI which airs on DSTV Zambezi magic Channel. She portrays an overzealous, bold, and adventurous village girl seeking acceptance, love, and a good future from her mother who abandoned her as an infant.Zowa Ngwira

With only 23 years of age, Zowa Ngwira’s achievements are quite impressive, she has already been Voted best-supporting actress in a local drama series by The Zambezi magic fan-base 2020. She has also Won the best cultural dance troupe in 2015 National EISTEDDFOD of South Africa competition.

Because of her quality and outstanding performance in acting she has become one to look out for on-screen. Her acting definitely steals hearts.