‘Get Yourself A 21 Year Old…’ – AKA

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AKA Drake

Six minutes into Sunday, International Women’s’ Day and AKA is gloating about his new lady, Nelli Tembe, but maybe not in the way that the social media streets could 100% appreciate.

They say, ‘it ain’t nobody’s business, but mine and my baby.’ But ohh, AKA makes it hard to turn a blind eye especially when he puts it up for all to see.

AKA, last night was living da Vida Loca with his girl, Nelli in tow for a night out. He had such a good time he shared it on Instagram stories, which he later removed.

Why though?

Perhaps, the short video clips were all a little too much for the fans or maybe he’s trying something new when it comes to sharing with his fans.

Here’s what you missed if you didn’t catch it in time:

Ke Monate fela, obviously and look- we live for folks living their best lives, but in the AM of Sunday AKA put up this tweet, which got people side-eyeing him, heavy.

Perhaps, Forbes was trying to be cute about his new love interest, but it kind of rubbed folks the wrong way- even with the heart face emoji at the end.

AKA sure knows how to get our attention, whether people want to give it to him or not.



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