Former First Lady and Mental Health Advocate Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at 96

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Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a prominent mental health advocate, passed away at the age of 96, confirmed by The Carter Center.

Rosalynn Carter died peacefully at her residence in Plains, Georgia, surrounded by her family, as per a statement by The Carter Center.

Her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, expressed his profound loss, acknowledging her significant influence and unwavering support throughout their journey. He credited her guidance and encouragement for his accomplishments and felt immensely loved and supported as long as she was present.

Earlier, The Carter Center had announced Rosalynn’s entry into hospice care, following her diagnosis with dementia in May. Her husband had also started home hospice care in February after hospital stays.

The Carters reshaped the role of post-presidency, devoting themselves to global humanitarian efforts through The Carter Center, focusing on world peace, human rights, and health initiatives.

Jill Biden, the current first lady, honored Rosalynn Carter’s commitment to mental health, caregiving, and women’s rights during a Naval Station Norfolk event, urging people to include the Carter family in their prayers.

President Joe Biden praised the Carter family for their grace in office and their enduring positive impact.

Former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush hailed Rosalynn Carter’s strength and dignity, acknowledging her advocacy for mental health and her dedication to destigmatizing mental illnesses.

Beyond their White House tenure, the Carters traveled globally, involving themselves in key humanitarian activities, including disease eradication and election monitoring in various nations.

Rosalynn Carter’s legacy includes her efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health and improve access to mental health care. Her work extended to establishing the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving at Georgia Southwestern State University.

The Carters were honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999, recognized for their extensive humanitarian contributions worldwide.

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter shared a deeply rooted partnership and were known for their unwavering commitment to public service, making a significant impact on various global issues.

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