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Foreigners With Ill-motives Against Zambia Fund Opposition Heavily- Inonge Wina Reveals


Inonge Wina


Kabwe, Saturday (July 31, 2021)

Vice President Inonge Wina has revealed that Zambia’s opposition has been hugely funded by foreign interests to loot the country’s natural resources.

Mrs. Wina said the opposition were simply being used as proxies of the the foreign capitalists that were fully aware of the rich natural resources lying under Zambia’s soils.

She said President Edgar Lungu was therefore, providing leadership centred on Zambians as opposed to serving foreign capitalists.

The Republican Vice President said Zambia had huge resources but lacked finances to exploit it forcing foreign capitalists to come through unpatriotic proxies to exploit the resources for their interests.

She said the PF Government wanted to empower Zambians to manage the resources to benefit indigenous citizens.

Mrs. Wina said the foreign interests were also using various stakeholders such as Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs), activists, among others.

She urged PF members to remain united as they were not facing the opposition but powerful foreign capitalists hiding in Zambian unpatriotic proxies.

Mrs. Wina said many Zambians were trained abroad to manage complicated undertakings in the fields of engineering and geology which gave the PF Government belief that Zambians could manage resources.

The Republican Vice President said this in Kabwe today when she addressed PF Kabwe Central Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Tutwa Ngulube and PF officials as she concluded her tour of developmental projects in Central Province where she also met various stakeholders.

And the Vice President said the PF Government would rule for 30 to 50 years if members remained loyal, disciplined and giving chance to others while waiting for the right time.

Mrs. Wina said majority of the people that form the membership of the party were grassroots that believed in unity initiated by late President Michael Sata, enhanced by President Lungu.

She said the last ten years provided a lesson for all further predicting that the PF will remain strong for many years urging members not to destroy it through selfish interests.