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Flashing out PF was right even if UPND fails



By Fungai Clinton Nzala

THERE is a group of people who are holding their breath waiting for the UPND government to fail so that they can say we ‘told you so’.

I have news for you, regardless of what happens going forward, a lot of us will not regret getting rid of the Patriotic Front which had become a thorn in the flesh of our nation.

Having supported the UPND does not mean that we are going to give them a blank cheque to do as they please, as responsible citizens we will continue providing the necessary checks and balances but not with the bitter and malicious ways some of you are trying to use.

If UPND fails to deliver, that won’t be on us but on them for betraying the good will of the nearly 3 million people who put their trust in them.

A few years from now, we will still hold our heads high that we collectively kicked out the murderous, thieving and divisive Patriotic Front.

So if you are waiting to see us regret our decision, SOLI..we won’t give you that pleasure.