Flaqo Na Azziad: New ‘comedy couple’ impress Kenyans with first skit together

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Azziad New Comedy

Online Comedian Flaqo and Azziad joined up to create an incredible comedy skit that has since gone viral online. The piece revolves around a young man called Adrian, who invited his girlfriend into their home only for his parents to come back home early.

Fans on social media fell in love with their acting as they craved for more work from both Utawezana challenge queen Azziad Nasenya has been the talk of town for the past few weeks ever since her dancing video went viral. The ever-smiling lass has also attracted attention from several media houses who wanted a piece of her as they fought to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Azziad has finally come back with something big enough to demand her place in the entertainment scene and this time she joined online comedian Flaqo. The two released a skit on Friday, April 17, that elicited amazing reactions from fans on social media. It revolved around Otis, who invited his girlfriend into their home only for his parents to come back home early, finding the two getting cosy.

Things took a turn for the worst as he tried to explain who she was, even going as far as calling her Mama Fua, which she did not take lightly. Their deceptions, however, do not stick especially to Baba Otis (a made-up character to represent Flaqo’s dad) who goes ahead to call a police officer as they beg for mercy.


The skit ended in great suspense and their adoring fans showed their appreciation for their work with many craving for more.

The video was viewed 247,000 times on their Twitter accounts and got 245,525 views on Youtube, in just two days. On Instagram, the video got close to 200,000 views on both Flaqo and Azziad’s accounts. While Azziad became an online sensation due to her amazing smile, facial reactions and dancing, Flaqo has been creating online comedy- as a character called Otis while mimicking several other characters.

Many, including fellow acts such as MCA Tricky, have labeled him the online king of comedy for his amazing acting. He recently released a comedy piece on Otis’s parents being found outside by police officers after Kenya’s curfew hours and chased to their homes. They came complaining to the son about how cops were not respecting the old folks and the video became an instant hit. With what they have shown so far, Flaqo and Azziad can go on to be one of the best comedy partnerships in Kenya.

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