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Financial choices and planning should be determined by your life goals

Financial choices and planning

Why can we save, invest, and plan from a financial perspective? Ultimately, it’s to create a nest egg that will at some point allow us to stay secure after retirement. But life isn’t only about the destination, it’s a journey during which key and life-changing events happen along the way.

Planning for a foreign holiday, marriage or for the arrival of a toddler, settling a mortgage account, starting a philanthropic effort or leaving a legacy are a number of the common short-, medium- and long-term goals that the majority clients set for themselves.

Once these life goals are clearly defined, it allows the chance to determine what it’s getting to fancy achieve them. this is often where financial planning comes into play. many purchasers have different definitions of what this suggests to them. Where it generally all begins, however, is with the fundamentals of saving.

After setting a deadline for your goal, it then becomes easier to save lots of towards it. this might involve sacrificing certain monthly spending purchases to permit for a particular portion of your income to travel towards a savings vehicle. There are various vehicles available to deal with your savings and therefore the selection process is contingent time horizon and objectives.

For short- to medium-term goals like an annual holiday or the acquisition of furniture, vehicles that provide a component of flexibility like Exchange Traded Funds, Unit Trusts, a market fund or an easy bank account leave quick access to your money and maybe wont to attain those goals.

If you’re saving towards a long-term like retirement, a Retirement Annuity or endowment are structures that would be considered as withdrawals are limited. This reduces the temptation to read the funds and allows for the capital to grow over time.

The Tax-Free bank account (TFSA) is another vehicle that would be wont to support your retirement savings or another long-term goal like that of your child’s education. The advantage of the TFSA is best realised when staying invested for the future to permit for capital appreciation to require place but are often wont to place short-term savings to succeed in the target of a vehicle or home purchase or to deal with emergency savings. to realize these life goals, a private would wish a knowledgeable financial planner by their side who will help to work out the financial goals, the time horizon, and the way the cash is going to be invested. this is often an intricate process that needs proper planning and risk assessment. This planning shouldn’t specialise in one strategy but on wide-ranging and dimensional goal attainment.

No one wishes for a time period crammed with financial heartache; however, one accepts such days are sure to come and shortly must also plan for them. the truth of watching financial planning and its benefits would grant one a chance to defer to what has been put away, an assurance everyone needs.

Self-respecting clients are not any longer thinking along the lines of “I will affect tomorrow when it comes.” they need come to the realisation there has got to be better planning for the unplanned, the truth of knowing what tomorrow beckons is beyond anyone’s control.

We sleep in uncertain times with economic climates that are volatile, hence being entrusted with life-changing financial decisions may be a priority most financial planners take very seriously.

Good financial planners really care about their clients; understanding that clients want you to dig deep to know them and what they want to realize

To achieve a financial goal may be a journey, and this needs patience and making well-informed decisions in order that the attainment of the said goal looks feasible, with a financial planner being available to advise a client, whether the established order changes or not.

Lloyd Buthelezi is that the Head of monetary Consultancy at Standard Bank