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Femi One not happy with Music the Industry

Femi One, Utawezana,

Rapper Femi One has expressed discontentment over frustrations subjected to creatives who toil day and night to make ends meet but their sweat end up in the wrong hands.

The Utawezana maker said that many talented Youth continue to suffer simply because those entrusted to handle their cash have become self-centered and no longer represent artistes.

“Nimeona hii story ya MCSK and this is all I have to say; Kama wewe ni msee ako na Talent, whether we ni Footballer, unachora graffiti, Musician or Photographer na umepata chance ya kwenda place ingine, like in other countries, kwenda Majuu ama Country ingine. Yaani mimi na ku-beg as Femi One, kusanya virago zako zote na uende na usiwahi angalia nyuma na hata usiwahi feel vibaya kutoka hii Country. Because this country doesn’t give a fuck about mtu yeyote mwenye ako na Talent. Ukichoose kukaa kwa hii Country utakufa Maskini. Government don’t give a fuck, body zinafaa kuprotect wasee wako na Talent, sijui FKF, sijui MSCK wako hapo kujisaidia, na ndio maana kila siku unaskia kwa TV Msanii mkongwe anaomba msaada. Footballer machachari anaomba msaada, please just enda” said Femi One.

Kenya Copyright Board

Femi One’s public outcry comes a time the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) is demanding DJs to acquire licenses before they are allowed to live streams their sessions on all streaming platforms.

Anyone who violates the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is an infringer of that copyright. When a DJ creates a live stream and starts broadcasting music to the Internet, he has become a radio station. He needs licences from copyright owners or CMO” shared KECOBO.

Statement from Kenya Copyright Board

Artistes Royalties

A Body like the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has always been on the spot over distribution of royalties to its members. Last year a good number of artistes were unhappy with MCSK after receiving Sh2,530 from the Collective Management Organisation (CMO) in the name of name of royalties.



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Femi asked her fans if she can release another one and many have approved. Some of her fans said she must acknowledge Azziad, who released a Tik Tok video which went viral on social media dancing to the song.

The video captured the hearts of many and some knew her song through the video.

The singer slammed those who said she must pay Azziad, and said her song was already big at that time Azziad did her video. Despite the negative vibes, Femi One’ fans congratulated her on the achievement and said she must definitely release another song.


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