Fat Joe Breaks Silence On Snitch Allegation From Cuban Link

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Fat Joe reacts to snitching allegations from an ex-Terror Squad member.

The rapper insinuated on Thursday that Cuban Link might be a hater and spreading lies after Cuban shared paperwork that alleges that Fat Joe is a snitch. According to Cuban Link, who is an original member of the Terror Squad, Fat Joe is a snitch, and he even has proof to show that the latter’s real name is on documents describing him as a federal informant.

In a video shared on Wednesday, Cuban Link shared the document, which he conceded may not be authentic but contains the name of Fat Joe, whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena.

“Exhibit A-the paperwork is in,” Cuban Link said. “Now you might understand why I couldn’t get along with that animal but I guess let’s wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork..but like I said I’m just gonna sit back and watch the pale beluga whale get Brought in to shore by the rest of the fisherman!!”

Cuban Link also posted a document stamped “government exhibit,” which described Cartagena explaining how he got the name “Joey Crack” for selling crack on Union avenue and knowing a man who was murdered in which he named several suspects.

Meanwhile, fans didn’t believe the credibility of the document, as they reasoned that if such a file on Fat Joe had existed, 50 Cent, who is the former nemesis of Fat Joe, would have found and used it to destroy the rapper when they had a beef years ago.

Fat Joe and Cuban Link have been in an ongoing beef for years now. However, Fat Joe did not directly address the claims by Cuban Link as he noted that Cuban Link is just a hater who is telling lies.

“When the HATE don’t work they start telling lies,” writes Joe on his official Instagram as the caption of an image of himself.

The latest claims by Cuban Link is particularly interesting as Joe himself is one of the strongest critics when it comes to “snitching,” being one of the most vocal rappers against informants like Tekashi 6ix9ine, who accepted a plea deal in order to save his own skin in a police gang investigation. Information by Tekashi in his racketeering trial in 2019 later led to the arrest of several people, including gang members who are now behind bars.

Fat Joe wasn’t sympathetic to 6ix9ine’s case as he said the rapper could never be his friend since he’s a snitch.

“I thought he was a nice guy, and now he can’t be my friend, he can’t come around me ever again. Those are rules. He crossed that line. I don’t even understand if I go to the club and they play his song — I’m keepin it a buck. I pray for people who cross that line — when they talk to the police and they snitch, I pray for them,” he said at the time.


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