Fans Pray For TNS After Begging For His Life On IG Live

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Musician TNS brought many to ears on Friday when he broke down on Instagram live, begging for his life.

The award-winning producer, whose real name is Nkazimulo Ngema, alleges that there is a group of people who call themselves ‘Durban United’ who are scheming for his demise. He also said that there is a WhatsApp group and it consists of a lot of Durban artists who want to take all of his music. He reiterated that he did not know the group existed and that he is also not part of it.

The very talented young producer has an abundance of hits to his name and has earned his bragging rights in the music industry. His legions of fans and celebs are joining in prayer to help the young man get through this trying time.

TNS took to Instagram heavy with emotions to speak to his fans about the troubles he faced in the music industry. He humbly re-introduced himself and went to say he is alone and has nobody to fight his battles for him.

“They’re so many, they even formed a group… to see if this thing I cannot handle. I cannot fight. I can’t fight this fight because I’m alone. I don’t have a mother and a father,” he cried.

He even went on to say that he does not have grandparents as well, emphasizing that he is alone and every one of his family members have died. The group is also allegedly planning on using muthi to either kill him or paralyse the star.

“They try to do all this bad things so that I quit, so that I give-up, so that I become paralysed, so that in the end, I’ll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans,”

The producer says he is not competing with anybody so he is calling on those who have a problem with him to come forward.

“The problem is that in all that is happening they are making fun of my work, and planning sh*t against me. Apparently, there are things that I have and I am not supposed to have… This has been bothering me. I’m not competing with anyone and if someone is competing with me (they) must come forward…

The video quickly takes a turn when the musician begs for his life, weeping and asked the people to just take the music.

“I am alone but there are people who want to kill me… it’s fine take whatever guys. Your music… take the music…do not kill me.”

Watch a clip from the emotional video below:

The Twitter user @Moo_Venda also claims to have received a DM from an undisclosed source, saying that this started when he was supposed to play at Shimza’s Lockdown party but was later cancelled when he was already in Johannesburg.

Daily Sun got a hold of his manager Ayanda Mthembu, who said he was still trying to contact the producer at the time.

“I will speak to him and get clarity. But TNS is still young and has been through so much especially in the music industry. He is always indoors if he is not in studio. He is trying to deal with things. But before I give a detailed comment, I must speak to him first,” he said


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