Fallen & Disgraced Kaizer Zulu Forms Political Party

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Kaizer Zulu Political Party

The once-mighty now-disgraced and fallen Kaizer Zulu is now trying to find his way back into the political arena. We somehow have a feeling he will not find it as easy as it was when he was riding on the PF ticket. Well known for being notorious and even went to the extent of addressing the President “Boi”, Kaizer Zulu had become a pain in PF’s backside as he was drawing too much attention, with his flamboyant lifestyle and violent “I’m above the law” behaviour. The PF government finally figured he was more of a liability than an asset and decided to boot him out.

So what does he do next? Kaizer Zulu is in the process of forming a political party called the Young People’s Party (YPP). Kaizer Zulu has a placed his surrogates Venny Musonda Kabamba and Munir Zulu as fronts. Kaizer Zulu will use the two Chola boys to spill the beans on President Edgar Lungu and also to undermine Zumani Zimba, his replacement.

A source close Kaizer has disclosed how bitter Kaizer is with the President and he has promised to spill the beans so that President Lungu learns a lesson “ KZ is not a person to mess with Lungu should wait and see how KAIZER will deal with him through his new party,” the source said!!

-Zambian Observer


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