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eThekwini Rapid Response Team cleans up Umbilo grime


DURBAN – THE City’s Rapid Response Team spent much of this week cleaning the areas of Umbilo and Dalton.

Workers unblocked stormwater drains, repaired street lights, conducted road maintenance, removed illegally dumped waste and issued fines to businesses found to be on the wrong side of the law.

Acting city manager Musa Mbhele said the team consisted of all the service delivery units and undertook intensive clean-up operations.

“The team comprises service delivery units that work speedily to resolve service delivery challenges. We have adopted an approach of collaboration among units to streamline operations and ensure efficiency in our work,” he said.

Last week, the team was deployed to Soldier’s Way, Denis Hurley Street and Bertha Mkhize Street.

The team issued traffic fines, targeted illegal trading, noise pollution, the washing of taxis on the road and the removal of litter in the drainage system.

It also focused on clearing illegal dumping, cleaning unhygienic areas, repairing street lights, fixing potholes, and addressing health-related issues including fire hazards and non-compliance with by-laws by business owners.

Mbhele said compliance with building regulations, health issues and the payment of municipal services were among the areas targeted by the team.

It also prioritises the removal of illegal dumping, road maintenance, the repair of street lights and leaking water pipes, the pruning of trees, the removal of illegal electricity connections, the clearing of blocked stormwater drains, and enforcing by-laws.

Mbhele said Bhambayi, Pinetown, Mayville and Bonela, among other areas, were cleaned by the team recently.

He said the public could play their part by disposing of waste in the bins provided.