Enhle Mbali teases on starting a reality show (Video)

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Enhle Mbali took to her social media few hours ago to share a trailer as she hints on starting a reality show.

The star is going through a healing process as a newly single woman and will be taking her fans through the process.

Last year, the Enhle shared a video of herself filming what appeared to be a reality show opening up about her personal life.

She also revealed that she has a crush on Will Smith.

In the video, she made it clear that it is coming soon.

Well, Enhle has once again shared a video with questions and statements – Sex tapes and extortions? Cheated with? Cheating Scandals Spins two concubines out of wedlock.

“You strike a woman you strike a rock. I am no rock. And I’ve said this that I am a flower and this flower needs to be watered and I am watering this flower as a newly single mother. As a newly healed woman, I stride. Let’s dive in,” she said in her video.

Watch video below:

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