Endrick Picks His Idol: Choosing Between Messi and Ronaldo

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Brazilian Teen Endrick Chooses Cristiano Ronaldo Over Lionel Messi

Endrick, the 17-year-old Brazilian talent on the verge of joining Real Madrid, has declared his admiration for Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, picking him as his idol over Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

Having recently marked his senior debut for the Brazil national team in their 2-1 FIFA World Cup qualifier defeat against Colombia, Endrick aims to make an impact in their upcoming match against Messi’s Argentina.

Ahead of the clash, Endrick was asked to choose between the football legends. He expressed his excitement about facing Messi and admitted his admiration for Ronaldo. “I just want to enjoy the moment of being able to play against him [Messi], being in the same stadium as him, looking at him up close, I only saw him in the video game,” Endrick stated. “Messi is a great player, but I am more of a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now I am seeing Messi up close, it is going to be wonderful.”

He further revealed his lifelong dream of playing for Real Madrid and his immense pride in wearing the same shirt as Ronaldo, stating, “Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my biggest idols. So it is a great pride to know that I will wear the same shirt he wore.”

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