Emtee Wants His Awards From Ambitiouz Entertainment #AmbitiouzMustFall

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Emtee #AmbitiouzMustFall

Emtee and ex record label Ambitiouz Entertainment have some unfinished business.

The rapper alleges that the recording label company still owes him his awards he earned throughout his career whilst signed under the label. The rapper has been vocal about the label holding on to his awards and till today, he is still not in possession of them.

The rapper took to Twitter to call the label out and asked them to stop being petty and give him what’s due to him. He even asked them to keep the ‘whips’ and give him his awards that the record label is keeping from him.

The two have been at loggerheads ever since Emtee departed from the label after years of being unhappy.

The Waves rapper also alleged that the label is the reason for him losing his verification on Twitter and spread rumours that he is a druggie. His awards are ‘decorating’ their homes and offices whilst his home is empty as if he did not earn those accolades.

“They decorate their homes and their offices, whilst my house is dry like I was never Emtee. Ngapha somehow I’m no longer verified and abahlali are told that I’m a druggy. No sir, just want what’s mine!” he demanded.

Ever since he re-addressed the issue of his awards, the rappers’ fans started a hashtag calling for the label to finally be dissolved. #AmbitiouzMustFall is currently gaining momentum on Twitter and people are up in arms, adamant to ‘finally’ put the label in its place.

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