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Emtee clears the air on ‘R55k a show’ claims

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Rapper Emtee has come out to slam claims that he charges R55k for a performance, and made it clear that he’s not worth such a low price.

The rapper, who has gifted Mzansi with a lot of hip-hop hits, including Roll Up and Pearl Thusi, didn’t give details about how much it actually costs to book his services. However, the offence he took made it clear that he charged more money than was mentioned in the list.

“I know y’all think low of me but that’s not my fee,” he said dismissing the claim.

The figure is R10k more than what was quoted by local YouTuber Oabile in a recent video.

Oabile allegedly fired off e-mails to some of the booking managers of several massive SA hip-hop stars, pretending to inquire about booking them for a four-song set at a birthday party.

He allegedly asked for a quote, including riders and travel costs, and compiled a list of the responses.

According to the YouTuber, Emtee charged R45k.

Meanwhile, the rapper also made it a point to let “fukazi” fans know that he will never beg them for their support. This as he’s preparing to introduce Mzansi to his very own sneaker.

He tweeted that if people were truly his fans they would support him without wanting to change, censor or disrespect him.

Also, he would like people to kindly stop calling him a “wanna-be thug”.