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Election Violence Already Brewing in Zambia

Election Violence

Politics is a very sensitive subject in Zambia, it is only months before election year and violence is already taking momentum. It seems both PF and UPND Cadres are out for blood.

Just a few days ago we witnessed PF Cadres vandalizing a UPND car, an action which has been condemned by many. Just when we are thinking this had passed the UPND Cadres are also out for revenge as they vandalize a PF car.

If at all this is an indicator of what is to come this election year it could be a messy scene with violence. Political maturity does not seem to exist among Cadres as they represent muscle for the elite politicians and do their dirty work.

We seem to forget, it is ok to argue and differ opinions politically, that is why there is the ballot box. Imposing partys’ wills and agenda on the people is a violation of the constitutional right to choose.

We certainly hope these Cadre fiascos will be clamped down before 2021.