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EFF descends on Phoenix to protest over vigilante killings


Phoenix – Amid heavy SAPS and Durban metro police presence, hundreds of EFF members on Thursday started descending on the predominantly Indian suburb of Phoenix in the north of Durban to “liberate” the area from what they refer to as “racist Indians”.

Although the protest rally was scheduled to start at 10am on Thursday, it had not started by 11.30am, and only about 1 000 members of the party had gathered at Phoenix park (also known as Gandhi-Luthuli peace park).

Clad in their party’s red regalia, the members sang Struggle, and some songs were solely composed to mourn the killing of 36 people by vigilante groups who claimed that the acts were carried out to protect their homes and businesses from being looted.

Video: Sihle Mavuso/IOL Politics

Video: Sihle Mavuso/IOL Politics

However, new information obtained by SAPS investigators and presented to the Verulam Magistrate’s Court, where 22 suspects are being prosecuted, shows the vigilantism was allegedly in part motivated by race.

Some of those killed were people who were passing by the township when the looting started on July 11.

Before the start of the rally, the leader of the EFF in KwaZulu-Natal, Vusi Khoza, said after their march, they want to see justice meted out to those responsible for the killings.

Video: Sihle Mavuso/IOL Politics

Khoza also said they were aware not all Indian residents were racist, and were pleased some of them joined them at the park where the rally was held.

Khoza also had harsh words for the ANC and their leaders who had been quiet about the killings. He said the massacre was a result of ANC infighting, and led to the “unconstitutional jailing” of former president Jacob Zuma.

Also taking part in the protest rally was Visvin Reddy, the leader of African Democratic Change, who said they condemned the killing of African people by vigilante groups. Reddy said he was there to ensure there was peace.

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