EDGAR SHOULD HAVE LISTENED OVER THIRD TERM…let him not stay on as PF president- Ng’andu Magande

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Ng’andu Magande

EDGAR SHOULD HAVE LISTENED OVER THIRD TERM…let him not stay on as PF president, as he now carries a legacy of having been beaten badly, says Magande

Former Finance minister Ng’andu Magande says It’s a pity Edgar Lungu did not listen to pleas not to go for a third term as he has now gone with a legacy of having been beaten badly, urging him to leave the PF presidency to another person.

And Magande said the country was now in good hands following the election of Hakainde Hichilema as President.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Magande said President Lungu’s time in office was already average, and had now worsened his own standing following the heavy defeat to Hichilema.

“The people of Zambia don’t want somebody who overstays, that’s why we removed Dr Kenneth Kaunda, even Frederick Chiluba when he wanted to go for a third term we rose against him. I don’t know why he (Lungu) didn’t listen. But he has now left a legacy of being beaten so badly,” he said.

Magande said as former president, Lungu should not be comfortable with just being said to be rich, but must find causes, using whatever money he had accumulated to engage in community initiatives in order to rebuild his tattered legacy.

He urged Lungu not to listen to those who were telling him to go back and revive the PF, saying he has had the test of defeat already, and would not be helping himself if he took that route.

“He can’t again aim to be a president. If people want to revive PF let him say let a young person take over,” Magande said.

He said he was happy that the work he started with others in 1997 of forming the UPND had finally born fruit. He said those who had remained to form the party in August 1998, as he was still in Brussels, Belgium at the time, had coincidentally seen the party rise…continue reading https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/edgar-should-have-listened-over-third-term-let-him-not-stay-on-as-pf-president-as-he-now-carries-a-legacy-of-having-been-beaten-badly/

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