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ECZ’s unrealistic path will boomerang


Chishimba Kambwili says the Electoral Commission of Zambia has grow to be conceited and he warns that it would plunge the country into chaos if it mishandles the problem of voter registration. He says the net voter registration which the ECZ is insisting on isn’t possible as it’s alien.

Kambwili may be asking the ECZ to forestall the ‘nonsense’ of making a brand new citizens sign up and proscribing the duration of registration to 30 days whilst anticipating to seize 9 million citizens.

“Before any decisions are made, the ECZ has a duty to consult the people. Particularly the people who should listen and listen good, it’s the Electoral Commission of Zambia because the ECZ was established by an Act of parliament to conduct elections on behalf of the people of Zambia. And in conducting elections, the ECZ must be cognizant of the fact that in elections there are stakeholders and it is therefore cardinal that before any decisions are made, the stakeholders must be consulted and involved,” stated Kambwili. “What we have seen from this [justice Esau] Chulu led ECZ is that they have decided to be doing things on their own without regard of stakeholders who are mainly the people of Zambia and also political players and political parties. This is very sad. I want to earnestly and honestly appeal to the ECZ that please don’t plunge this country into turmoil… President Edgar Lungu, my dear President with due respect, you said I now want to be on top of things with the economy and otherwise…this is one area where you can show leadership. And I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you are reasonable enough to see sense in what we are saying, but don’t pretend and give it a blind eye. Act on it. This thing can either work against you or work for you depending on which side of the coin you are.”

The path the ECZ has taken on voter registration and citizens’ roll is unquestionably unrealistic and must be defined. This ECZ place will boomerang.

Ever because the ECZ hinted at disposing of the present citizens’ roll, we warned that the ECZ was once as much as no just right. And we restate our place that, “It in reality doesn’t make sense for the Electoral Commission of Zambia to completely abandon the outdated citizens roll and get started a brand new one. Given the intense budgetary constraints, it might be extra prudent to easily blank up and replace the present sign up. This could be a lot inexpensive and no more time eating than beginning afresh.

But when folks fail to recognise and do the most obvious, many questions stand up in the hunt for fair solutions. So a long way the Electoral Commission of Zambia has failed to supply affordable explanations and justify its choice to desert the sign up and get started a brand new one. The simplest discernible factor popping out of them is crass vanity. Why? When folks fail to provide an explanation for the most obvious and insolence there’s normally some mischief they’re in. They are unquestionably as much as no just right. There’s one thing fishy!”

The factor here’s that ECZ has all the time did not be an unbiased arbiter in our elections. At each election, they have got arrogantly portrayed themselves as co-players with the ruling celebration. They displayed this behaviour beneath MMD, and they’re doing it beneath PF.

Let’s now not put out of your mind the ECZ’s behaviour against different stakeholders within the 2016 elections. They didn’t wish to be suggested towards printing poll papers in Dubai. Their workplaces all the time spoke the language of PF cadres. And that is the language they’re talking even now. Has ECZ grow to be a department of PF or it’s supposed to paintings for everybody? This is without doubt one of the many different questions justice Chulu and his workforce will have to replicate on.

It is traditionally confirmed that you can not stay on suppressing the folks and be expecting to escape with it.

For as soon as, ECZ will have to behave and act consistent with its mandate in all elections, and now not as a ruling celebration stooge.