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Economics Made Easy. Why Is The Kwacha Beating Up The Dollar?


By Mike G. Wamwita

The kwacha appreciation has mainly resulted from increased Investor Confidence, as stated in my earlier article. Others have asked . What is Investor Confidence or positive investor sentiments?

Its basically an assurance or guarantee that your money, business or investment will be safe .
Investor confidence was lacking in PF administration.

For example. Can u buy an iPhone 12 pro ya 25 pin ( 25 sousand) for a girl, who frequently dumps u, even on a small argument? Cant neva .olo Can u get pregnant for a boyfriend whose unfaithful ? Wala .Sat .zeleki. cant possible .Never .

Same, both local businesses and investors require a safe and stable environment for there Money.

On another hand , PF attacked businesses From CEC , prime TV, ZCCM , Mines . Including small businesses like bus drivers, marketeers suffered at the hands of cadres.

investor confidence, makes local Bonds attractive to foreigners in the short term, as well as encourage actual physical investment in the Long term .
In addition, speculators sale off has increased the dollar supply on the market too .

Every reasonable businesses man or Firm requires a low risk environment with a posible good return (profit) on their investment.
A safe business environment, coupled with good economic policies is a key ingredient of development.
This is what bally seems to have brought on the table.

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