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Eastern province chiefs ban Iris Kaingu


Iris Kaingu, the defeated PF 2021 candidate for Mwandi Constituency, has been officially barred from participating in any traditional ceremony in Eastern Province. In Chipata yesterday, Induna Clifford Banda, Paramount Chief Mpezen, said the decision came last Saturday when chief representatives from around Eastern Province met in Chipata.

Mr. Banda, a former Ambassador to Malawi during the Chiluba regime who is now Induna, stated that Ms. Kaingu’s conduct of dancing without a pant in 2020 were unethical and improper in the customs of Ngonis and all tribal groups in Eastern Province. “We couldn’t punish her right away in 2020 because we were afraid of being misinterpreted by the previous regime.” But Hon Kaingu’s actions were immoral and unacceptable.”

Ms Iris Kaingu was dancing without a pant on March 4, 2020, during one of the traditional events in Eastern Province.