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Durban family continues search for missing loved one


A Durban family is desperately searching for their 49-year-old loved one who has been missing for the last two weeks.

Shaida Banu Shaik moved from Chatsworth to Northcroft in Phoenix four months ago. According to her family, she was last seen on11 August. At the time, she was wearing black pants and a green hooded top.

Faizee Bodha said her sister has been on treatment for schizophrenia for many years.

“The only people she knew in Phoenix were the people who lived on the property. She didn’t go out. If she did, her son drove her. There was no need for her to go anywhere,” Bodha said.

She said Shaik had gone missing five months ago but managed to get back home.

Bodha said it has been a very stressful time for the family.

“It has been horrific not knowing where she is. We have been searching since she went missing and we have no clue as to where she could be. It is heartbreaking waking up each day to absolutely no news,” she said.

She said while handing out flyers, they were contacted by someone claiming to have spotted Shaik near the Phoenix Plaza.

“We checked for days after that in the area but she was not there. Someone else called and said they had seen her close to the police station but it was not her, it was just someone who looked a bit like her,” she said.

The family has searched local clinics, hospitals and shelters. They have also looked at mortuaries.