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Drama Unfolds As Angry Mob Forces Chicken Thief To Eat It Raw

Thief Made to eat raw Chicken

A rather astonishing development, a thief who was caught red-handed with a stolen chicken he had hid inside his jacket was forced to eat it raw as punishment.

From an area publication, we have established that an angry mob forced a chicken thief to eat the entire stolen-chicken raw.
In an attempt to cover his theft, he took the chicken and hid it inside the jacket. Shortly, suspicions arose when the dying chicken made unusual sounds inside the thief’s jacket. This caused the angry mob to to be alerted resulting in him getting caught for the theft.

In a video posted to SavannaNews, the thief whose name wasn’t disclosed is often seen holding the cock that he stole. In a moment justice case, the angry mob forces him to eat the entire raw chicken.

One voice is often heard, forcing him to eat the raw chicken. He informs him that since he stole the chicken intending to eat, he might also do so now.

In the video, the thief is often seen biting off the cock’s head. Consistent with an in-depth source who witnessed the entire incident says the suspect only managed to eat the chicken head before he started vomiting.

Watch the video below: