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Does Prince Kaybee Really Have A ‘Rap3y’ Mentality?

Prince Kaybee, SAMAs26

Prince Kaybee is in hot water for dropping a ‘rap3y’ comment whilst engaging in a debate on women denying men s3xual advances with the usage of a simple ‘No’.

A Tweep asked a firing question on rap3 and the musician’s responses were taken as though he was promoting r@pe, because women saying ‘No’ according to Prince, might mean something else, depending on the tone used.

The question posed reads, “Why do men challenge you when you decline something they offer you? Keep your ‘why not’ I sure as hell didn’t stutter.” A huge debate ensued and the producer added his two cents.

“I think the tone in which you deliver matters …, sometimes the ‘No’ is inviting,” he tweeted.

He also said, making his girlfriend a reference, that sometimes her saying ‘no’ meant ‘come back for more.’

“This what I’m tryna say, it also depends who is approaching. In some of my r/ships they all said No, I offered coffee-NO, I offered lunch-NO, I invited over to the house-NO. But I could tell this “No” is “come back for more” kinda thing.

Whilst some agreed with him, others called him out on his rap3y mentality saying there is no yes in no.

He defended his opinions by saying it was not his intention to sound ‘rap3y’.