DJ Zinhle Has Had Enough & Vows to Fight Back

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Dj Zinhle

DJ Zinhle has had enough of the negativity coming from different directions and she has made it clear she has had enough. If you’re betting on DJ Zinhle’s “unhappiness”, you’ve got a great deal of disappointment coming your way.

Zinhle sent a public service announcement to her followers on Twitter this week, telling them her life is full of blessings.

“If you’re betting on my ‘unhappiness’, you’re gonna be very disappointed hey. Ngi-right kanjani guys. Tjo! God loves me. Wow!”

Dj Zinhle


Zinhle said she no longer uses the block button as she wants her haters to see her enjoy life to the utmost.

“I don’t block them anymore. They must see me live my best life.”

Zinhle’s private life has been in the headlines after City Press reported that she and her baby daddy, AKA, had broken up.

According to the publication, the rapper allegedly ended his relationship with Zinhle on the eve of her birthday last year because “there were too many people involved in their relationship”.

When contacted by TshisaLIVE, AKA’s manager, Phumza Nohashe, said: “I don’t comment on his personal life. Ask me about his professional life and I can comment on that. So at this point, I won’t be giving comment.”

On social media Zinhle said people were too obsessed with her private life. She said they would say anything just to remind her about her “sad” life, and wanting to see her unhappy was a waste of time on their side.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how there are strangers on this app who are obsessed with my ‘unhappiness’. They’d say anything just to remind me of my ‘miserable life’. The irony of it all. Use that energy elsewhere because I am too blessed.”



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