DJ Tira Responds To Allegations That He Is Behind The Group Scheming For TNS’ Demise

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Gqom producer DJ Tira, has slammed those who always blame him for all the debacles in the entertainment industry, in Durban. The DJ has been accused by many of jealously and being a bully who always thinks the industry revolves around him and is dominated by him.

On Friday a video of Durban-based Gqom musician TNS, sent shockwaves to many when he shed tears on his Instagram Live saying there is a group called “Durban United” that is hard at work trying to kill him to end with his music career.

Twitter users blamed Tira under the #TiraMustFall, which gained momentum and said he is behind the group, but the musician has come out guns blazing to clear his name. Tira said he doesn’t have a problem with TNS.

He said he loves him and he has helped him out on numerous occasions with his music and he booked him for his events. He said he hates that when everything happens in Durban he is always the one to be blamed.

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