DJ Tira and Anga accused of lockdown breach

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The neighbourhood feud between Mthokozisi “DJ Tira” Khathi and Benjamini O’Neil seems to be far from over.

This time around, O’Neil who got into physical altercation with DJ Tira’s wife that resulted in a police investigation in November, has opened a case with police against the popular DJ for allegedly contravening Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo is also being probed for the same alleged offence.

Sowetan has confirmed that the regular music collaborators are part of the five properties at Willowbrook Estate, in Ruimsig, under police investigation for contravening lockdown regulations.

O’Neil opened the case at Honeydew police station on Friday. DJ Tira and NaakMusiQ both own houses at Willowbrook Estate.

“These five houses are all friends with one another and under normal circumstances I don’t care, but they are moving in between houses and visiting one another during the period of lockdown,” O’Neil said.

“One minute you see them at Khathis and the next at NaakMusiQ’s house. It’s back and forth all the time.

“As far as I know, about three or four men reside in NaakMusiQ’s house. But you will see a woman popping up and they continue to bring female friends.

“How is that possible during the lockdown? Why are there females at Willowbrook that don’t live here?

“We have Junior Khathi [DJ Tira’s son] taunting me and telling me every time he goes past my house that the police will not do anything no matter how many pictures I take,” O’Neil said.

But DJ Tira said O’Neil has been targeting his family for some time now, citing the November incident.

“That man is a problem; you know when you have a neighbour that’s just a pain. I’m trying by all means to live in peace in my house and abide by the lockdown rules,” DJ Tira said.

“Bottom line is, any of those houses have nothing to lose if something bad is reported of them like I do.

“We never got along and we are even looking into signing a petition because we just want to live in peace.

“He has been monitoring us, but honestly we just go to the store for essentials.

“I can’t help that he sees things that are not there.

“I haven’t done anything that will result in this escalation. He’s complaining about a car going up and down – not that I made a noise after throwing a party and invited people.”

NaakMusiQ said: “I have stuck to the lockdown guidelines as issued by the government of South Africa and I am adhering to the strict security measures as set out by the Estate.

“I am shocked by these allegations and will take action if my brand name is associated with this fake news.”

O’Neil said he raised the matter countless times with over seven police officers at Honeydew police station since the national lockdown started on March 27 and they did nothing.

He provided Sowetan with the names of the seven officers.

Police spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo confirmed no arrests were made yet and “investigations are continuing and the details of this case cannot be divulged at this stage”.

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