“DJ Cuppy’s Advice to Singles: Choose Your Love Wisely, It Matters!”

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Renowned Nigerian DJ, Florence Otedola, widely known as DJ Cuppy, has issued a poignant caution to young individuals navigating love, urging them to exercise caution in choosing their romantic partners to safeguard their inner tranquility.

Highlighting the significance of peace within one’s abode, she emphasized that residing in a state devoid of peace amounts to the most oppressive confinement.

Expressing these sentiments on her social media platform, the affluent heiress conveyed a powerful message: “The most confining prison one can endure is a home devoid of peace. Exercise caution in your choice of love.”

Recalling recent events, DJ Cuppy openly expressed her dismay regarding her past engagement to British boxer Ryan Taylor. Despite a history once shared intimately, she lamented that their connection has now dissipated into a state where they feel like strangers.

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