District Commissioners on the run after Bally victory

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Auditor General Dick Sichembe

CADRES of the fallen Patriotic Front regime who were on government payroll as District Commissioners have abandoned their offices since the Electoral Commission of Zambia announced the defeat of their masters at the polls.

The District Commissioners who mostly specialised in belching out threats to civil servants and bullying fuel and money out of local businesses are now afraid of meeting their victims hence going into self-imposed hiding.

However, in the Eastern Province where the District Commissioner’s were also notorious for threatening civil servants with ‘retirements in public interest’ should the PF win, a Catholic NGO is begging them to emerge out of their rat holes.

John Mthadziko Phiri, Caritas Chipata Cordinator, has challenged the District Commissioners to come and deliver public service wondering why they were ashamed to face fellow civil servants if they did not do anything wrong and no one had fired him.

But some of the District Commissioners have explained that they left their offices because the environment was hostile.

They have defended their actions while some have denied abandoning their offices.

Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri who allegedly abandoned the office after President Elect Hakainde Hichilema was declared winner, says it was appropriate for some DC’s to run away because the situation was hostile.

Phiri told Breeze FM News that property for DC’s offices for Mambwe, Petauke, Vubwi were damaged with cadres threatening their lives and that of their families.

He has asked Zambians to unite and continue providing services to the people.

And Mambwe District Commissioner Caroline Mwanza has denied reports that she deserted the office.

Meanwhile, Kasenengwa District Commissioner Sara Kalaluka says she didn’t desert her office because there are procedures that have to be followed.

Katete District Commissioner Joseph Makukula says he will continue discharging his duties until when he will be told to stop.

And when contacted for a comment, Acting Provincial Permanent Secretary Josphet Lombe says there is no DC who has abandoned his or her office.

Lombe says other DC’s are on leave while others got some days off because of being sick.


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