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Dineo Ranaka Shows Off Hubby

Dineo Ranaka Shows Off Hubby

Dineo Ranaka is known for being a straight shooter, particularly when her value in a relationship is challenged. In a relationship, the radio and television personality is known for preaching self-love and understanding your self-worth, as well as inspiring women not to compromise.

She had dropped the marriage bombshell a few weeks ago without disclosing her husband’s name.

That all changed when she posted a photo of herself kissing her husband on Instagram with the caption “l missed you.”

According to her Instagram posts, the DJ has met her Prince Charming and is glistening with happiness. Dineo’s day ones are loving the content because the pair has been fulfilling couple and love goals all over Instagram.

Mostly, the powerhouse executive produced Mzali Wam, one of Mzansi’s new shows. While the show has become a success, the credits have gotten a lot of attention. Dineo Ranaka Pesha has replaced Dineo Ranaka, and the internet is reeling.

The Sibahle DJ recently gushed about her man and their relationship on Instagram, writing: “MARA BEHIND THE SCENES!!!!!! Mojolo is stunning in these images! In reality, it’s even more lovely. Your character is put to the test, your patience is put to the test, your fears and insecurities will flare up, pride will sometimes get in the way, friction and disputes are unavoidable, but all of this becomes a walk in the park when you go through it with someone with whom you are not only compatible but genuine friends…”

Dineo has avoided posting details about her personal life after being burned by the social media streets many times, and we love it.

In her life, the enigmatic man works in the film industry. The presenter is “happy” and in a “healthy space,” according to a source who spoke to the Daily Sun a few months ago. “We are pleased for her. She seems to be happy, and D’s life seems to be going well. She’s in a safe position right now.”

“She’s managed to keep it under wraps,” said the source.

Ranaka is said to be trying to keep her new relationship a secret.

“After her friendship with Blaklez ended, she was subjected to a great deal of public embarrassment, with the bulk of her dirty laundry being revealed in public. So she’s being secretive and overprotective with this one “Added the source