Dineo Ranaka Criticizes Ex-Husband

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Dineo Ranaka has spoken up about her unhappy union with her former spouse Klaas Pesha. Dineo can be heard yelling angrily in a video posted on social media that Klass won’t get the 50% he ostensibly asks.

The Real Reason Dineo Ranaka Divorced Her Baby Daddy, in Her Own Words

Dineo can be heard ranting during her interview with Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa about how Klaas supposedly wants half of her inheritance. Because she did not want him to receive even half of everything she had worked so hard for, she declared that she would battle him both legally and spiritually.

“I’m going to fight him. He’s not going to get a cent. No, no, no he’s mad. Me I’m a fighter, I’m going to fight on my knees first. I am a leader of my belief system. He’s not going to get a cent, never. I’m represented by a legal team. He must leave with nothing, not after what he put me through. Not after everything he did, particularly to my daughter,” she said.

All of this was discussed off-air with Enhle, who also offered her insight into narcissists and how they behave. They don’t notice what they have down wrong, Enhle is heard stating while Imali by Zakes Bantwini plays in the background. The problem with narcissists is that the trauma hits them so severely that they virtually go insane. They imagine environments that we have no idea about.

The issue is no longer between him and I, Dineo says, adding that she is fully aware of who he is. He beat the two of us up while I was holding my three-month-old baby, and he denied doing so.

Then, Dineo ends the conversation by informing Mbali that he won’t be receiving anything from her.

Dineo disclosed her claimed abuse for the first time in an interview with Podcast And Chill a few months ago.

“If that guy didn’t hit me in my marriage, then we would still be on good terms. I had my three-month-old baby in my arms the last time he hit me and I was like no, this is not how it’s going to go down,” she alleged.

“I’m going to talk about my story and I’m going to talk about how I was beaten up in my marriage and I’m proud that I didn’t waste years of my life serving a man who’s not worthy of my service because when I serve, I serve my boy and he knows it.”

Dineo admitted that there was also infidelity in the marriage, “Yes, he cheated on me, If I was still in that marriage, I’d be planning to cheat on him too. He knows this, we discussed it. I told him when my caesarian scars get better ke tlogo febela go hlanya,” shared Dineo Ranaka. Dineo admitted her part in being toxic even in previous relationships. “All the guys that I have been with know when I’m toxic but when I serve, I serve. I was like I don’t deserve this though. A few months into the marriage I went for divorce. The signs are always there but here’s the thing, as human beings, I don’t think I’m going to blame myself for believing that a person can be different. Because on the larger scale of our relationship he really was great.

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