Dineo Moloisane is a Pitori girl who is driving South African men insane.

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Social media influencer Dineo Moloisane is one of the most famed South African on the gram. Her banging and looks have helped her get the following she has.

nevertheless, Dineo is further than what people perceive her to be. She’s a hardworking businesswoman and a devoted mama to her kiddies.
Despite the baddie status that social media users have given her she wears numerous headdresses. We got the occasion to get to know her better a couple of days ago when she featured on on Tebego Thobejane’s City Girls podcast.


Love Over Money

Dineo loves money yes, but she’s a firm believer in affection.

“ If someone would ask me what do I love between money and love I ’d choose love any day. I ’ve seen money, I ’ve been with people who got money, ” she tells Tebogo.
“ Money comes with a lot of problems and I believe a lot of women who are involved with rich men especially if you do n’t bring anything to the table but your aesthetics , utmost of them are abused and they do n’t want to say it. ”


Relationships with Married Men

Dineo Moloisane shares her honest accounts on dating married men.

“ Guys I do n’t date married men, I do n’t believe in married men. I love love. I want attention and affection, ” she shares.
“ I ’ve noway dated a married man and I would not date a marriedman.However, try, If you come to me while you’re married do n’t indeed. ”


Why Did She Break Up With Her Partner?

Dineo left her boyfriend because he was an “ abuser and periodical cheater. ”

“ I flash back at the time I was a pupil and I had nothing. One thing that he did after I got pregnant with our first was that he stopped hitting me.
“ Whenever I had decided to leave the relationship the following day, he ’d get me a new car, ” she tells Tebogo.


She was a rapper as well.

Dineo was a rapper at some point in her life but she has closed that chapter now.

She had featured Reason and Emtee in one of her singles.
Her last song was pray. “ I ’m not sure if I buried that career or it’s on pause. I ’m still thinking about it.


Tebogo On Dating A Married Man

I’ve dated a married man before who lied to me that he was leaving his woman
. I was dom and I believed it. The only reason I was with him was because I thought he was divorcing her but there was nothing like that.

On The 18th of December I ’m turning 40. I ’ma. public treasure. It’s a lot of botox.
I’ve a problem with Mac G occasionally. I love him very much but he needs to stop shaming us.



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