Diligence Key to Transforming Zambia, States President Hichilema

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President Hakainde Hichilema expressed a firm commitment by the Government to profoundly alter the nation’s course through sheer diligence. Emphasizing the pivotal role of hard work, he stressed the Government’s determination to prioritize women and youth in vulnerable regions, aligning with the nation’s developmental trajectory.

Addressing the public upon his arrival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, preceding the inaugural Saudi-African summit centered on fostering economic transformation through collaborative partnerships, President Hichilema underlined the intention to exhibit Zambia’s abundant natural and human resources. This display aims to underscore the unwavering aspiration to revitalize the country’s economy, solely through unwavering labor and dedication.

“In our participation alongside fellow Heads of State and global leaders, we aim to spotlight our nation’s wealth in both natural endowments and human capital, illustrating our resolute ambition to steer our economy toward a new course through unwavering dedication and toil,” President Hichilema remarked.

At the core of every initiative undertaken lies a deliberate focus on the youth and women in various underserved regions such as Kashinakazhi, Chipulukusu, Shangombo, Chief Kambombo area, Egichickeni, and numerous other parts of the country that warrant development. The President affirmed the unswerving commitment to materialize these efforts into tangible progress.

Expressing gratitude, President Hichilema extended thanks to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for extending the invitation and conveyed appreciation to the Zambian people for their unwavering support and prayers.

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