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Did Lasizwe Adopt A Baby?


YouTube sensation and TV star, Lasizwe Dambuza, has raised many eyebrows with his latest snap on Twitter, holding a little baby. Lasizwe, who is no stranger to poking fun and creating light-hearted jokes about anything, left many curious on whether he has decided to pursue the adoption route.

Some went as far as saying he is clout chasing, but other tweeps said, he would make a cute daddy. Lasizwe who is openly gay has never shared who he is in love with, on social media. From time to time, he does not shy away from showing us his crushes but his main, we never get an opportunity to see him.

He captioned his tweet “Thank you for choosing me to be your father”. We are not sure whether he forgot to put “God” in his caption, but if he really adopted congratulations to him.

Fans reacted to his post with mixed reactions.

On tweep asked Lasizwe, whether the child is the fruit of his womb, and he said yes.