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Did Buhle Samuels Really do surgery for her Perfect Body??

Buhle Samuels

Buhle Samuels has by far one of the most perfect, gorgeous body in my opinion. We all know that in as much as some have good genes they eat all they want and somehow maintain nice bodies with way less effort, some of us really have to work hard for the bikini summer bodies. It is very easy to hate on those with good genes but hate is toxic hey, it will just make you gain more calories lol.

This is the struggle the gorgeous Buhle Samuels is facing, having the body like a stallion you are bound to attract some haters. There is a rumour which has been circulating on social media about her undergoing surgery to have the body like a goddess.

The star nearly shut down the internet earlier this week when she posted several snaps on social media of her in underwear.

While most were blinded by the pictures, the conversation quickly turned to Buhle’s flat tummy with some tweeps suggesting that sis had undergone liposuction or a tummy tuck.

She told a follower: “You wish! I was born this way, but like everything I maintain my body and make sure everything stays in shape and the meso (Mesotherapy) slim injection help me do that!”

Buhle encouraged other women to work out and eat properly so they could get their dream bodies without cosmetic surgery.

She said dealing with body-shaming online was easy after her experience at school.

“I just smile and move on whenever I feel adult bullying in my space. It is a popular norm on social media, but I am a survivor of such and I know how to handle it.”

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