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Did Amos Malupenga Give The Minister Time To Go Through The Speech In Advance?


By Princess Sara Imatowa Yeta


First impressions last.

The reason why first impressions are important is that they have a primacy effect or last beyond that moment.

The maiden press briefing by Hon Chushi Kasanda, Minister of Information and Media was not impressive.

It is either she was not given the speech to read through in advance by the Information and Media Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga, which is unprofessional and unacceptable, or public relations is not her passion and area of competency, or the press baptism overwhelmed her, otherwise why did she struggle to read the speech?

I feel her performance was not at her best. Worse still, Malupenga made the Minister look not up to it by answering press questions himself.

As Government spokesperson, she is supposed to give the government a convincing human form and show that she is in total control of public relations.

Let her be coached to be familiar with the basic principles of political communication because we know that we are not born spokespersons.

Investing time and energy in developing the skills of an effective spokesperson will make her eventually become effective because she already has a demeanour and commanding physical presence.

It is not about the colour of a tie or dress one wears at press briefings, but the ability to effectively connect with the audience and deliver, either through the media or in person.

However, I liked her equanimity, an indication that she just needs time to find her feet.

If public relations is not her passion and area of proficiency, let her take up another job.

With so many things happening in the country and thieves that have regrouped to make the country ungovernable, the Government spokesperson should be someone who is well-informed, relatable, with oozing charisma and impeccable delivery.

However, she appealed to citizens to exercise restraint as they exercise their “newly found” freedom of expression to avoid injuring others or causing acrimony in the country.

Welcome Hon Minister Kasanda to the best sizzling world of information and media.